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Q What is a veneer?
A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain made to fit over the front surface of a tooth. Sometimes a natural colour 'composite' filling material is used instead of porcelain.


Q What are the advantages of veneers?

  • Very little drilling of the tooth is required.
  • A veneer is permanent, once it is glued on it cannot be removed
  • A veneer can be used to close small gaps as an alternative to Orthodontic treatment
  • A veneer can be used to cover stains and will permanently change the colour of the teeth


Q How long will a veneer last?
Veneers should last for many years, they can break or chip just as your own teeth, if misused and abused. Small chips can be repaired, but it may be necessary to have a new veneer made.


Q How are teeth prepared for a veneer?
For a porcelain veneer, the outer surface of the tooth may be drilled away, to allow space for the veneer. A local anaesthetic (injection) may be used to minimise discomfort, but this is not usually necessary. Once the tooth is prepared, an impression is taken and collected by the dental technician. The colour of the teeth either side is matched on a shade guide to ensure that the veneer will look natural. The veneer will then be ready to be bonded approximately 14 days later.
For a composite veneer, the outer surface of the tooth may be drilled away and the composite filling material is directly bonded on at the same visit.


Q Will I need a temporary veneer between visits?
The preparation of the tooth is so minimal therefore it is unlikely that you will need a temporary veneer.

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