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Q What is a denture?

A denture is a removable appliance which is worn to replace missing teeth.
A partial denture fills in the missing teeth spaces. Your remaining teeth act as support and retention for the denture.
A full upper and/or lower denture replaces all of your teeth; the upper denture is retained by suction from your palate. The lower denture is retained by muscular control.


Q What are the benefits of wearing dentures?

• To replace missing teeth for your health and appearance.
• Provides support for cheeks and lips, to prevent collapse of the facial profile
• Improves ability to eat and speak


Q What are dentures made of?

Either acrylic (plastic) or chrome (metal)


Q What is involved in having a denture?

Four to Eight appointments may be necessary; each appointment involves impressions or measurements of your mouth to ensure that the denture fits as accurately as possible and that you are happy with your new denture.


Q Will dentures make me look different?

Dentures are made to resemble your natural teeth so that your appearance looks as natural as possible.
Dentures can even improve your smile and help fill out your face.
You can choose whichever shade you like for your denture and even the shape and arrangement of teeth.


Q Will I be able to eat and speak with dentures?

At first it is best to get used to your denture just by talking as much as possible for a couple of days, your speech may sound slightly different and you may struggle to pronounce certain words, just keep practicing these words. Once you are comfortable with talking try eating soft food and chew slowly. As you become more used to your denture, try other foods and eventually return to your normal diet.


Q Will my sense of taste be affected?

While your mouth gets used to your denture food may taste different. Your taste buds are mainly on your tongue which will not be covered by your denture. Your sense of temperature of food and drink may be affected, so it's best to avoid very hot food and drinks until you get used to it.


Q How long should I wear my dentures?

For the first few days it may be advisable to wear them for most of the time even while sleeping, just to help your mouth adjust to it, but you still need to take the denture out morning and night for cleaning. After a few days you should leave your dentures out at night to give your mouth and muscles a rest.


Q Must I do anything special to care for my mouth and dentures?

Every morning and night you must brush your gums, tongue
and palate (roof of your mouth) with a soft tooth brush, to remove plaque and stimulate circulation in your mouth. You must brush your denture all over with both soap and water or a denture cleaning paste at morning and at night, when brushing your denture do so over a towel, or a sink filled with water, to avoid breakage if dropped. Once a week soak your denture into a denture disinfectant and stain remover, but read the instructions before using and only soak for the length of time stated. At night leave your denture in cold water.
If you still have some remaining natural teeth it is very important you clean them twice a day too, to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.


Q Will my dentures need to be replaced?

They will need to be replaced after a few years due to:
Bone and gum ridges shrink with age causing jaws to align differently. Loose dentures can cause sores and infections as well as discomfort. An ill-fitting denture can make eating and speaking difficult. It is important to replace or reline worn or poorly fitting dentures before they cause problems.


Q How often should I see my dentist?

Regular dental checkups every six months, and for hygiene treatment of your remaining natural teeth.

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